Born in Baghdad, daughter of the Iraqi Ambassador to Vienna, she began her studies at the international school.
She was also immersed in the culture of classical music, which continued in Italy, where her father became the Ambassador of Iraq to both Rome, Santa Sede and to Bern, Switzerland.
Her artistic and musical culture was reinforced at the Faculty of Architecture in Rome, from which she graduated with an honorary degree in Architecture.
Married Mr. Shaker Al Abood just before they obtained residence in Monaco in 1980.
Participated in several humanitarian projects.
President of the Association des Amis de l’Opéra for six years (1997-2002).
Received the medal of Officer of the Order of Cultural Merit.
« Futurum » was created by her for the purpose of promoting futuristic projects in all Arts, including Science (as an Art).
With Professor Tod Machover from MIT’s Media Lab, she created a new opera, Death and the Powers.
Her son, Mahmoud, is graduated with a Master’s degree in Business and Administration from MIT.